Classic erotic massage

Erotic massage, with its simplicity, will surely bring you to other thoughts and you will be able to look forward to a time of relaxation and relaxation. Indulging in such a massage is a great experience from the many responsibilities of everyday life. Everyone can try how pleasant and exciting erotic massage can be.

Classic erotic massage 60 min for 2000 CZK

Enjoy an exotic oriental massage, during which the masseuse will rub you passionately with her body, covered only with soapy foam.

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Benefits of erotic massage

  • Circulation of the organism
  • Deep relaxation
  • Revival of libido
  • Euphoria and orgasm
  • Relief of stress and tension
  • Confidence boost


The course of erotic massage

The erotic mix starts with the classic form, which is a shared shower. It is not missing in any erotic massage. It is a pleasant start that can relax you pleasantly. After a shared shower, you can move to the futon. In the first part of the massage, the masseuse will focus on Body-To-Body massage. During this massage, the masseuse is naked and you can touch her as you please. First, have the rules explained to you so you don’t break certain rules within the touch.

The body-to-body massage is combined with warm natural oils, which will ensure that there is friction between your body and the masseuse’s body. After completing the Body-To-Body massage, the masseuse combines a mix of erotic massages. These include, for example, a classic erotic massage, a lingam massage or, if you prefer, a penis massage and, last but not least, a body-to-body massage. The masseuse continues with this as well. It does not mean that he will alternate between only two types of erotic massage. As soon as the last few minutes are left to the end, the masseuse moves on to massage the intimate parts. In this part, in other words, the masseuse will focus on massaging the penis and testicles, until the climax phase.

It doesn't end with the climax

You don’t have to worry about everything ending in one climax. Once the experience is maximally exciting for you, comes the part that you have been looking forward to the most from the beginning. Pleasant relaxation and tuning in for the best, the girl starts to gently stroke and massage your penis with her fingers.

Her touch will be very felt and you will experience a climax stronger than you have ever been used to. But the massage itself does not have to end there. You can enjoy such orgasms as much as you want and for as long as you feel you can handle.

There are no rules in this regard, but it must be noted that requests for sexual intercourse or oral sex will not be granted based on certain rules of our salon.

Prices of classic erotic massage

TimeMasseuse 1Masseuse 2
15 minut1200 Kč1800 Kč
30 minut1500 Kč2500 Kč
45 minut1700 Kč2550 Kč
60 minut1900 Kč3200 Kč
90 minut2300 Kč4200 Kč
120 minut3100 Kč5300 Kč
180 minut4900 Kč

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