Erotic massage for couples

Erotic massage for couples is built as a shared experience for experimenting couples or couples looking for a new erotic charge. Allowing a third person into the intimate zone is a step based on setting aside preconceptions and demonstrating trust. In this case, especially the woman’s trust in her partner.

Erotic massage for couples 60 min. 3200 CZK

Share excitement together and discover new boundaries in eroticism and mutual trust with your partner. A strong charge of new passion will penetrate your attraction.

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Benefits of massage for couples

  • Delight in two
  • A shared experience
  • Variety of relationship
  • Breaking down prejudices
  • Deepening trust
  • Awakening a new passion

Massage with a double dose of erotica

Would you like to enrich your sex life with your partner, but don’t know how? Visit us with your partner in the center of Prague and enjoy an erotic massage, during which you will both be fairly pampered by one of our masseuses.

Erotic massage for couples is a very precise technique that is full of tenderness and gentle touches. In a shared shower, you can get to know your bodies better and eliminate embarrassment. Subsequently, in a pleasantly warm room, together with your partner, you will lie next to each other and perceive each other’s presence. You can hold hands and enjoy pleasant touches and feelings of pleasure.

The masseuse’s task during a couple’s massage is to bring yours to the same level of sexual lust and excitement. Sensibly and slowly so that not a single piece of your bodies is impoverished.

Progress and conclusion according to your scenario

If you want to massage your partner yourself, you can take the initiative and join in at any time. In this way, you will learn a technique that you can then also perform in your privacy. You determine the course of the massage and its conclusion, when you can stay in the room with your partner just the two of you and indulge in love games with which you will happily end your new experience together.

An erotic massage for two is a great experience that will deepen your mutual trust. You will see for yourself that at home you will not require any other foreplay than a mutual erotic massage for a long time.

Prices massage for couples

TimeMasseuse 1Masseuse 2
60 minut3200 Kč4900
90 minut4200 Kč6400
120 minut5200 Kč7900

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