Soap massage

Soap massage has a tradition especially in oriental countries, where sultans used to treat themselves with soap foam and fragrant essences in their harems. Find out why this massage was so popular with them. With the help of a special washcloth, be pampered by one or two selected girls.

Soap massage 60 min for 2000 CZK

Enjoy an exotic oriental massage, during which the masseuse will rub you passionately with her body, covered only with soapy foam.

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Benefits of soap massage

  • Soothing the mind
  • More quality sleep
  • Muscle relaxation
  • Circulation of the organism
  • Skin softening
  • Long-term mood improvement

An oasis of calm and excitement

Soap massage is another type of erotic massage that you can enjoy from one of our beautiful masseuses. This type of massage is similar to Nuru massage, with the difference that instead of nuru gel, soapy foam is applied with the help of a special heated washcloth. The feeling of warmth will pleasantly relax you and under the hands of a naked girl you will be completely absorbed in the world of relaxation and eroticism with your mind and body. You will get rid of stress and tension in a way that you will soon love.



Like all erotic massages in our studio, the soap massage begins with a shared shower. After it ends and you get to know the masseuse, you go to a warm room, ready to treat you to a unique experience.

Sexy masseuse under the veil of bursting soap suds

as soon as you lie down on a comfortable mattress, the girl uses a warmed washcloth to apply a thick lather of luxury soap and oil to your body. So you enjoy the warm feeling of soap foam during a relaxed conversation. The latter will soon be complemented by the view of the figure of the selected masseuse, who will passionately rub her soft body after you to the sound of the foam bursting – a body-to-body massage.


A naked girl will squirm all over you and not just stop there. I will focus her attention mainly on your intimate parts, which she will take care of with maximum care 🙂

The more you enjoy and feel the whole massage, the more the masseuse will be flattered that her feminine charm and sex appeal will not leave you, the male counterpart, cold and will use it to bring your mind to euphoria and to an intense orgasm. Try it and treat yourself to an exciting release after a hard work. You can find an oasis of calm in the center of Prague right here.

Soap massage price list

TimeMasseuse 1Masseuse 2
60 minut2000 Kč3100 Kč
90 minut2500 Kč4500 Kč
120 minut3400 Kč4800 Kč

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