Price list of services

Prices of classic erotic massage

TimeMasseuse 1Masseuse 2
15 minut1200 Kč1800 Kč
30 minut1500 Kč2500 Kč
45 minut1700 Kč2550 Kč
60 minut1900 Kč3200 Kč
90 minut2300 Kč4200 Kč
120 minut3100 Kč5300 Kč
180 minut4900 Kč

Shared shower before and after the massage, classic erotic massage B2B, you can touch the masseuse!

The classic erotic massage starts just like a regular relaxation massage with a back massage. The masseuse gradually engages her strengths, “running” her breasts or buttocks over you with passionate and creative movements. After turning onto your back, attention is paid to your buttocks and erogenous zones, to a happy ending.

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Nuru massage prices

TimeMasseuse 1Masseuse 2
60 minut2200 Kč3500 Kč
90 minut2700 Kč4500 Kč
120 minut3500 Kč5300 Kč

Nuru massage, which has its origin in the land of the setting sun, is based on the full body oiling of the masseuse with a special nuru gel. The masseuse then literally glides her naked body over you – a body to body massage. Warm oil and an exciting third one will bring you to ecstasy, which is finished with a roaring climax.

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Prices of lingam massage

TimeMasseuse 1Masseuse 2
30 minut2000 Kč3000 Kč
60 minut2500 Kč3750 Kč
90 minut3300 Kč4850 Kč
120 minut4000 Kč6000 Kč

The lingam massage is a very popular massage that from the beginning is focused primarily on your privates and brings a truly euphoric experience. It is based on delaying orgasm, where the masseuse slows down just before climaxing and you enjoy the sensation before climaxing repeatedly. Reaching orgasm is much stronger afterwards 😉

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Soap massage prices

TimeMasseuse 1Masseuse 2
60 minut2000 Kč3100 Kč
90 minut2500 Kč4500 Kč
120 minut3400 Kč4800 Kč

This exotic type of massage, which has its roots in Turkey, came to us from the environment of the Sultan’s harems and uses the pleasant sensation of applying soap foam with the help of a unique washcloth. Gradually cracking foam is also the only thing the masseuse is covered with and with the help of undulating movements, she consistently takes care of your body and nature until the moment of maximum pleasure.

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Massage prices for couples

TimeMasseuse 1Masseuse 2
60 minut3200 Kč4900
90 minut4200 Kč6400
120 minut5200 Kč7900

Joint erotic massage is designed for couples who want to discover and try something new together or revive their sex life. A feeling of bliss and at the same time perhaps a slight jealousy can ignite the right spark and stir up a wave of natural passion.

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Prices for erotic massage Butterfly Mix

TimeMasseuse 1Masseuse 2
60 minut2400 Kč4100 Kč
90 minut2900 Kč5100 Kč
120 minut4400 Kč7100 Kč

Butterfly mix – the best you will find at our massage! Shower together, 69, mutual touching, B2B.

Additional services:
Striptease: 500 CZK
Whirlpool for one person: 700 CZK
Jacuzzi for two persons: 1400 CZK

Ceník extra služeb

Escort prices per hotel

TimeMasseuse 1Masseuse 2
60 minut2500 Kč2800 Kč
90 minut3500 Kč3800 Kč
120 minut4500 Kč4800 Kč

You are in Prague on a business trip and would like to take the opportunity to relax and enjoy a dose of excitement and eroticism. But you don’t feel like hitting the streets and travelling around Prague yet? A masseuse will come to your hotel and you can enjoy your chosen massage in the privacy and comfort of your hotel room.

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Extra services for erotic massage

TimeMasseuse 1Masseuse 2
Autoerotika+500 Kč
Autoerotika s hračkou+500 Kč+ 1000 Kč
Footjob - masáž nohami+500 Kč+ 1000 Kč
Masáž prostaty+ 500 Kč+ 1000 Kč
Vzájemné dotekyZdarmaZdarma
Společná sprchaZdarmaZdarma
Prsní masážZdarmaZdarma
BDSM - 30 minut+ 500 Kč+ 1000 Kč
BDSM - 60 a více minut+ 500 Kč+ 1000 Kč
Lesbishow+ 500 Kč+ 1000 Kč

You can choose a range of interesting additional services to our massages. Give yourself an original experience based on your own imagination by combining the selected massage, additional services and, of course, a beautiful masseuse who will use her own creativity to improvise.

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Prices for a stay in the jacuzzi or sauna

TimeMasseuse 1Masseuse 2
Luxusní finská sauna Punta - Extra k masáži v jakékoliv délce500 Kč700 Kč
Luxusní vířivka Lara mini - Extra k masáži v jakékoliv délce500 Kč700 Kč

Enrich yourself with hot moments spent by you and the masseuse in our SPA zone, which provides the comfort of staying in a unique whirlpool with water massage and a hot Finnish sauna. Tune your erotic fantasies with this great appetizer, as the follow-up will taste so much better afterwards!

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