Frequently Asked Questions

All the information and photos of the masseuses listed in the profiles are 100% genuine. We only blur the face to preserve the privacy of the masseuses.

How to book a massage and is it necessary to book in advance?

Yes, it is always necessary to make a reservation in advance. However, we are usually able to arrange same day bookings, depending on how busy the salon is and the time you require.

Reservations are accepted by phone at +420 602 617 177

You can also text us on this number via WhatsApp.

We offer our services at two addresses:

Koubková 8 – Prague 2 and Lublaňská 37 – Prague 2

The studios are only a 2-minute walk away and our operator will tell you which address to come to when you make your reservation.

What are the opening hours of the salon?

Our salon is open 24/4 – Nonstop.

Is it possible to cancel or change my reservation?

Yes. As we have to plan the timetable of all masseuses, we will be happy if you notify us of any change in your booking as soon as possible. Our operator can then also suggest alternative massage dates and the sooner you notify the change, the more likely there will still be other dates available.

Will I meet anyone besides the masseuse when I enter the salon?

No, it’s not. When you arrive at the front of the building, we will open the front door with an electric buzzer and the door to the salon will be opened directly by the masseuse you chose when booking. She will then take you directly to the room where the massage will take place. If you want to see what it looks like in our salons, take a look at Interior.

How does erotic massage work?

Upon arrival to the room, you will first have a shower, which can also be shared with a masseuse if you wish.

You will then lie down comfortably, facing the mattress, and the masseuse will begin the massage as in a normal relaxation massage. She will focus on your shoulders, back and other parts of your body.

The masseuse will then begin to add erotic elements to this classic massage, massaging your breasts or buttocks, massaging your buttocks and going down to your erogenous zones. The masseuse is naked during this massage and you can also watch her graceful movements in the mirror.

When you are sufficiently found, the masseuse asks you to turn over on your back and continues massaging the erogenous zones until the happy end. The course of the massage also depends on which type of erotic massage you have chosen and you can also adjust it yourself according to your wishes and the agreement with the masseuse.

Is a happy ending included in the basic price of the massage?

Yes. In all types of erotic massages we provide, the massage ends with stimulation of the erogenous zones and climax. As an extra service we also offer prostate stimulation see. Prostate massage. 

Is the masseuse completely naked during the massage?

Ano. Záleží však také na vaší představě. Masérka může masáž započít ve spodním prádle, které si bude v průběhu masáže postupně odkládat nebo může s masáží začít již v Evině rouše. Nabízíme také službu footjob – masáž nohami, při které si masérka může k masáži vzít také sexy podpatky, podvazky či punčošky.

Yes. But it also depends on your idea. The masseuse can start the massage in her underwear, which she will gradually remove during the massage, or she can start the massage in Eva’s clothes. We also offer a footjob service – a foot massage in which the masseuse can also wear sexy heels, garters or stockings.

How long does it take to massage the erogenous zones?

It depends on the type of massage and also on your wishes. Massage therapists usually have a well-planned time so that you can do everything that is part of the massage from A to Z in the booked time. If you want to move on to the intimate massage earlier, just announce this during the massage and skip straight to this most enjoyable part.

Does the massage end immediately after my climax?

The course of the massage is planned in such a way that the masseuse will gradually attend to all parts of your body and the final part will come in time for you to finish everything. The final part will come before the end. After the climax, the masseuse may continue with a traditional massage or gentle stroking.

Is it possible to touch the masseuse during the massage?

Yes, you can usually touch the masseuse. Where depends on the masseuse and the mutual agreement. Some masseuses also offer the possibility of mutual gratification. In the masseuses’ cards you will also find a list of services that include mutual touching and mutual gratification.

Is it also possible to arrange or pay extra for classic sex or oral?

No, we do not offer classic sex or oral and these services cannot be provided for an additional fee. However, we also offer other services to make the massage more varied, which can be found on the page Additional services to the massage.

Is it also possible to order an erotic massage as an escort to my hotel?

Yes, our salon also offers erotic massages as an escort to the hotel. Just choose a masseuse who provides this service. A list of all masseuses providing this form of service can be found on the Escort page.

Is it possible to climax on a masseuse?

Usually yes, and on the breasts or tummy. It depends on the rules of the particular masseuse, mutual agreement and sympathy. You can also ask our operators before booking.

Is it also possible to pay for the massage by credit card?

I’m sorry. Our services can only be paid for in cash. We accept payments in Czech crowns, Euros and US dollars (CZK, EUR, USD),

Is it possible to get a massage if I am under 18?

No, unfortunately. Our services are only available to adults over the age of 18.

How can I order a gift voucher?

On our telephone number +420 603 373 881 or by e-mail:

Can I give a gift voucher to anyone?

Yes, it is possible to give a voucher to anyone over the age of 18.

What is the validity of the gift voucher?

The voucher is normally valid for 3 months, or by individual agreement.

Do you also provide additional discounts on massages or price promotions?

Yes. We publish massage events on our website. You can find them on the homepage in the image slider or in the news – Blog section. Discounts outside of the promotions listed on the website are not given and only the prices listed in the Price List section are valid.

How does a massage with a whirlpool or sauna work?

Before the actual massage, you and the masseuse spend a pleasant time together in the whirlpool or sauna, and only then will the massage you have booked follow. The actual stay in the whirlpool or sauna is a prelude to the massage, which will relax you pleasantly and put you into relaxation. This means that the whirlpool and sauna are included in the price of the massage.