Lingam massage

Lingam massage is based on Tantra, it intensely stimulates your body and mind and brings you a new level of sexuality you have never known before. During this massage, attention is paid to your private parts at all times and the beautiful masseuse repeatedly brings you to the peak of pleasure.

Lingam massage 60 min for 2500 CZK

Discover erotic experiences based on the tantric style of meditation, through which you will be carried away repeatedly on the waves of pleasure to the limit of ecstasy.

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Benefits of Lingam massage

  • Increases sexual desire
  • Improves erection
  • Helps focus
  • Strengthens internal energy
  • Deep relaxation

Exciting process of Lingam massage

Lingam is a term taken from one of the oldest languages – Sanskrit and denotes the name for male nature. His massage is not the classic erotic massage that you all know, nor the classic masturbation, but a technique of a tantric and Taoist approach to eroticism.


The goal is not the result, i.e. the climax of the man, but thevery process of the massage, thanks to which you return to your self, to your body and its essence. Tantric lingam massage will transport you into the absolute unknown, into a world you have never visited before, into a completely different dimension. In Tantra, the sexual organs, or the organs of pleasure, have a sacred meaning, and therefore their stimulation is considered something special, which will bring harmony to your whole body and soul Tantric Lingam Massage It will bring you a whole new sensation of touch and excitement .

As soon as he massages you and relaxes you pleasantly with his fingers, he then involves his whole naked body. The Nuru gel is applied to her as well and you can now just enjoy the wholegame of her naked slippery body

An experience beyond ecstasy

An intimate environment scented with incense sticks and the scent of massage oil, complemented by relaxing music and candlelight, will give you a comprehensive experience. Everything takes place lying down, you are completely relaxed and only perceive the touches of one of our beautiful girls, who, thanks to her skillful fingers and palms, will show you what it looks like when all the attention is given to your intimates parties. Your climax will linger until you feelwaves of energy coursing through the length of your body.



Thanks to all aspects of Lingam Tantric Massage, i.e. your penis, you will feel the relaxation associated with complete relaxation. You will find yourself outside of your reality and go through the physical and the spiritual, which in the end will connect together and culminate in a pure feeling of pleasure. After the massage, you can complete this unique experience with a visit to the whirlpool or sauna, where you can complete the release of physical and mental tension, not thinking about anything at all and just feeling the fading feelings of the very pleasant moments that you could have just experienced during our lingam massage. Come and see for yourself what beneficial effects will affect you and you will feel reborn.

Lingam massage price list

TimeMasseuse 1Masseuse 2
30 minut2000 Kč3000 Kč
60 minut2500 Kč3750 Kč
90 minut3300 Kč4850 Kč
120 minut4000 Kč6000 Kč

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