Massage with two girls

Erotic massage with two masseuses brings a new dimension to the erotic experience. Perhaps every man has ever imagined the company of two beautiful, naked and a little bit naughty girls. If this situation has not happened to you yet, you just need to go against your luck and treat yourself to this unforgettable experience […]

Massage with two girls 60 min for 2000 CZK

Treat yourself to maximum pleasure. Upon arrival, two beautiful girls will pamper you and give tenderness to every part of your body.

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Benefits of massage with 2 girls

  • Double the pleasure
  • Exclusive experience
  • Elimination of stress
  • Revival of sexuality
  • Confidence boost

Massage with a double dose of erotica

Who wouldn’t want to indulge in the pleasure of an erotic massage with a double dose of erotica. In our massage salon, you can be taken care of by two tomato ladies at the same time and you can choose both according to your taste and imagination.



The girls first take you to the communal shower where you can get to know their naked bodies better. In addition to the attention they will pay mainly to you, they will also pamper and caress each other. Their slippery, soapy and soft bodies will passionately rub and touch.

You will then be taken to a cozy room, where the environment will be prepared so that you feel as comfortable as possible. You lie down on your stomach and start enjoying two pairs of skilled hands. You will also caress the eye with which you will follow their naked and seductive bodies as they move. You can also monitor them during the massage with the help of mirrors, which we have placed in the rooms so that you don’t miss any important angle.

Exclusive experience with two girls

Once the masseuses have loosened your stiff muscles and you are pleasantly relaxed, they will ask you to turn over and lie on your back. You’ll discover erogenous zones in yourself that you didn’t even know existed, and your fantasies will be all the wilder when you look at two beautiful naked girls. The girls will slowly begin to stimulate your private parts and will take you into a world of euphoria, up to a felt orgasm.



The service is not orgasmic, there is no limit and the pleasures can continue for the duration you have reserved. You will experience a strong feeling of euphoria that you will not want to end. You can experience the whole event with your eyes closed or keep your gaze on the flexible bodies of our masseuses the entire time.

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