Nuru massage

You will taste an ancient ritual full of eroticism that has been practiced for centuries. Nuru massage can be translated as “slippery massage” and this is because the special Nuru gel used in this type of massage means “slippery gel” in Japanese.

Nuru massage 60 min for 2200 CZK

Try an intense nuru massage for yourself, during which the masseuse will slide her naked body over you.

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Benefits of Nuru massage

  • Body to body massage
  • Intense feelings
  • Muscle relaxation
  • Skin hydration
  • Antibacterial effects
  • Antioxidant effects

The course of erotic massage

The beginning and basically the course of a Nuru massage is the same as for classic erotic massages. Even before you treat yourself to an exciting experience, you climb into the shower together with the girl, where you can get to know your bodies better naked and create an intimate atmosphere here.


You will wash each other and enjoy touching each other. We can say that a minor massage will take place during the actual soaping under the stream of water. After you’re both clean and scented, you’ll head into the massage’s heated room, with relaxing music and the scent of incense sticks wafting through. You lie down on your stomach and the girl applies Nuru gel on you.

As soon as he massages you and relaxes you pleasantly with his fingers, he then involves his whole naked body. The Nuru gel is applied to her as well and you can now just enjoy the wholegame of her naked slippery body

A long-lasting experience

After pampering your entire backside, she asks you to turn to the other side. You will enjoy the sight of her body and face, and now you can fully devote yourself to what you have been waiting for all this time. An erotic Nuru massage will also pay attention to your private parts and you will discover erogenous zones even where you did not expect.

Stroking, massaging and gentle stimulation of your penis will continue until you reach a climax that will be much stronger than you are used to. And you can enjoy exactly such orgasms as much as you want and as much as you can handle.
So don’t hesitate any longer than necessary. Treat yourself to a unique experience that you would most like to live every day of your life. The choice of the girl will be entirely up to you, so everyone will come to their own taste. Discover the world of erotica with us as you have never known it before.

Nuru massage price list

TimeMasseuse 1Masseuse 2
60 minut2200 Kč3500 Kč
90 minut2700 Kč4500 Kč
120 minut3500 Kč5300 Kč

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